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Work at Home Entrepreneurs and ‘Junior Achievement’

‘Back in the day’ ‘Junior Achievement’ was an absolutely ingenious idea. Not sure if it is still practiced and if it is, what it is called. It is still an ingenious idea whether practiced in public schools or from your own home as a way to engage with your children and give them a head-start.


Usually it was offered to kids that had enough credits to graduate high school but for some reason wanted to wait with their class to graduate. However, you could still earn credits for your participation as well. Instead of an approximately one-hour class, you would form groups to set up and develop a business with – corporate officers and all!

It was so much fun and so educational! At the end you got your credits and a grade on your report card just like any other class. There is every reason to recognize the value of a program like this because of the experience and skills that the child will gain.

So now looking at this through different lenses you may be able to tell how this could work so nicely as a project you can do with your kids to teach them business skills and even interpersonal communications or professional social relationships.

Here is another reason. You may work all day away from home out of necessity and your child may not really grasp anything except you are never there. If you are home you are busy with housework, etc. Little ‘one-on-one’ time for the kids in any case, unless you make a conscious effort.

When they are really little they have their own little world, but as they mature, naturally they will become curious and interested in a wider range of options. So feed that! In this day and age they probably already know something about how to use a computer and the Internet.

Why not suggest you start a business together and be honest that it would be a way for you to spend more ‘quality time’? Be sure to include them in every aspect from the bottom up – for example finding what kind of an online business they would appreciate, and researching the possibilities.

Maybe you could commit to an hour on the weekend at the least to work on your project together.If you are sincere and able to engage with your child it is almost guaranteed that they will come out way ahead on their business skill set as well as they may be able to earn and save a little money.


Home Business Potential – Don’t be Afraid

Do you buy lottery tickets in any form? That’s a big gamble with a huge win/lose ratio. If you stick to a budget of a few dollars and have discipline, not too serious. However still a real small potential to win. If you get a thrill anyway, go for it – again as long as you have control over your gambling ‘instincts’. If not just don’t go there ever, at all, period.


A much better gamble would be to invest that money to start a home business. A million dollars will not flush themselves out of your computer magically. Not even doughnuts and coffee. However if you can create a plan you might have an intelligent gamble with little risk. You may make some money someday if you work at it.

The fear of losing a few dollars in this way somehow seems to trump the stupid gambles and therefore people usually don’t even try. If they realized how few dollars are necessary to get a business started online, maybe they would skip the lotto. Or maybe the problem is they don’t need any more work. If they realized that once your home business is set up it requires very little work. Not like a job.

Once your home business is set up and functioning so that it will eventually develop into an income, you can call it pretty much ‘passive income. ‘Passive’ doesn’t mean you never need to do any work. It means the business (website or affiliate page) is always running, 24/7 online. Whether you are present and accounted for or not, you have the capacity to earn income at anytime from anywhere in the world when you consider a 24-hour clock.

With for example affiliate marketing programs, you pay a very small fee monthly with no contracts beyond month-to-month. You get a working web page you can use to advertise your opportunity and/or product, an affiliate link that can be used anywhere to promote your business, as well as banners and ads that you can use to earn commissions.

Some of the best programs also provide some level of training in Internet marketing for their members and some go as far as to provide actual resources and tools that you can use. There is likely a communicating, living community that you can network with and maybe even learn something else from.

Your only gamble here would be that small monthly fee – even just once to check it out from the inside; and of course the fact that you will either like the environment and are willing to try to develop an online business or not.


Working at Home – Your Head is Full of Possibilities

OK so maybe these include some possibilities that are not really possible. Many of us have extremely ‘creative’ imaginations and we may not be capable in a million years to for example come up with the funding to do something we envision.
anything is possible!

No big deal to get bummed out, or to feel like you are ridiculous. You may be able to use ‘plan b’ or even to amend ‘plan a’ so that it is in fact possible someday or even soon! There is always ‘plan c’ and so on. As you get pushed further out from your original idea, it may seem a bit disappointing so just give it some time to sink in and maybe it will prove to be the real answer.

Just on a normal day where we are not trying to recreate the Sistine Chapel, our brains should be programmed to think of new and better ways to do regular things. We can save time, save money, and save work if we can just always be thinking in terms of improvement. There is hardly anything, no matter how much you like it, that couldn’t be improved!

There is a bit of humility required here whether you must defer to yourself or maybe to an associate or friend that suggests something that actually resolves the issues making your idea impossible! Be ready to accept that and anything else that will engender a great spiritual gift like humility.

The gift you may get for cultivating something really priceless like humility may be far greater than you ever imagined. Maybe people will just love you for being like that and will never be reluctant to ask your opinion or to follow you into any ideas you may have that could include them.

Back down to earth, you could think of a more efficient way to keep your ‘books’ just using a simple program like Excel, rather than to spend money on a bookkeeping system to keep track of your commissions and expenses. With a little self-instruction you could create a very sophisticated system.

Then who knows? A year from now there is every possibility that you could be selling it as well as using it! Now there is an idea!

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